Project Updates

Construction updates will be provided below throughout the construction season. If you have any questions or concerns about the project please call the Braintree Engineering Division at (781) 794-8010 or email Chris Trudel - 


Week Ending July 2nd, 2021

Arnold Street, Cindy Lane, and Farm Road Project - the initial course of sidewalk paving has been completed. Next, the roadway will be paved and then the sidewalks will be completed and tied into the new roadway surface. Check back for scheduling updates.

Middle Street (Lisle to Liberty) - Sidewalk excavation has begun on the even side of Middle Street starting just past Lisle Street. The contractor will continue this process for approximately 2 weeks and will then pave all of the excavated areas before moving to the opposite side of the street. Note that the contractor will not be excavating any driveway aprons until they have completed the sidewalk excavation for the entire length of the street.