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Recycling/Trash 2022-2023 Calendar


Charles C. Kokoros, Mayor

 Braintree Trash & Recycling Update 

Please note that excessive trash/recycling outside carts will not be collected.   Residents receiving curbside services may drop off up to 3 bags of household trash per day (1 visit per day) at the Recycling Center at 257 Ivory Street.  All trash must be contained within plastic bags, tied.  A Town sticker from the Treasurer’s Office (781-794-8134) is required & must be affixed to your windshield.  Please bring vehicle registration to Treasurer's Office .   

Recycling Center Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday:  7:15 A.M.-2:45 P.M.  Closed Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays


A $25 One-Load Permit to dispose of excess trash beyond the 3-bag allowance SHOULD BE PURCHASED AHEAD OF TIME AT THE TREASURER'S OFFICE/Town Hall/781-794-8134.  Some examples of excess trash consist of: fencing (limited to 6 ft. section or less) & up to three (4 ft. bundles) of wood & carpet cut into 4 ft. lengths & tied, plus furniture & mattresses.  Not accepted are  bricks, stone, concrete or large amounts of any demolition material.  Each permit allows for up to 500 pounds of material, and the permit can only be used once.  Upon check-in at the Center, the Attendant will determine if the amount of materials is within the acceptable limit, or if additional $25 permits are needed to cover the excess.  COMMERCIAL VEHICLES NOT ALLOWED ENTRY.  TRASH STICKER MUST BE AFFIXED TO WINDSHIELD.                                        

Additional Information:

Remember to Recycle Right:  No Plastic Bags, No Food or Liquids in Containers, No Hoses/Wires/Chains, No Textiles, and No Styrofoam.  Kindly empty items loosely into the recycling cart.  To see if a specific item is recyclable or not, go to

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Please Recycle Smart !

The Most Important Part of Recycling is YOU!

Contaminated Recycling = Increased Costs

Recycling should be loose - NOT in paper bags or plastic bags.

Click here for updated Recycling Information:MA DEP Mandate

Residential Information:

The Town of Braintree provides Trash/Recycling Services to the Single Family homes (up to 4 units), who pay the annual trash fee. 

Please be considerate of school age children, people walking and any residents having to use wheelchairs, and keep a path open on your sidewalks when you put your trash out.

Condominium/Apartment Information:

THE TOWN OF BRAINTREE DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY KIND OF TRASH SERVICE FOR CONDOMINUMS/APARTMENTS.  However, Recycling Services are available at the Residential Drop Off Center.   Click here to see what to Recycle 

Commercial/Business Information:

The Town of Braintree does not provide Trash or Recycling services for Commercial/Business residents.  

Curbside Pick-Up Reminders

Please remember, missed trash or recycling pick-ups, or to schedule a pick-up of appliances, call Sunrise Scavenger - Customer Service 617-361-8000. For appliances, a minimum notice of 2 to 3 working days is needed. Missed pick-ups should be called into Sunrise Scavenger within 24 hours.

Weekly Curbside Trash & Recycling Pickup SchedulesClip Art of Clock

Just a reminder...all trash and recycling needs to be placed curbside either the night before, or prior to 7 a.m. Collection time is subject to change due to a variety of reasons such as equipment problems.

Also, your carts should not be set out before 7:00 the night prior to the collection and carts should be removed from the curb within 24 hours of your set out