OverviewExample of daylighting picture 2

Daylighting is the physical restriction of parking at corners, in accordance with Town Rules and Regulations that prohibit parking within 20' of intersections. Daylighting may be achieved by installing flexible delineator posts and thermoplastic paint or by constructing curb extensions.


  • Increases visibility for people driving and biking by making it easier to see conflicts at intersections, including people walking and approaching vehicles
  • Improves visibility for people walking by allowing them to better see oncoming traffic when crossing a street
  • Helps emergency responders, who are driving ambulances or fire trucks, more easily negotiate tight turns on narrow residential streets
  • Encourages people driving to make safer turns at slower speeds
  • Clearly demarcates existing restrictions on parking
  • Maintains access


Residents commonly park in the first and last 20' from the corner