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Posted on: August 25, 2021

Life Saving Award-Police Officer Christopher Dominguez & Officer Mark Gibbons


On June 10, 2021, at about 1836 hours, Officers Mark Gibbons and Christopher Dominguez were assigned to uniform patrol. Officers Dominguez and Gibbons were in the Lenox Farms apartment complex retrieving a department vehicle related to an earlier mental health call.

While in the area of building 25, they heard someone screaming for help. The officers had the presence of mind to retrieve their medical gear, and ran toward the screams. When the officers arrived on scene they located an unresponsive male, later identified as Donald Coleman, who did not have a pulse, and was not breathing. Officers Dominguez and Gibbons immediately initiated CPR and called for additional assistance.

When Sergeant Michael Arki and Officer Mahoney arrived on scene, they noticed Officers Gibbons and Dominguez had already attached the AED pads to Mr. Coleman. The officers were also providing oxygen, and were performing chest compressions. Sergeant Arki observed he appeared grey in color and was not breathing on his own. The AED advised a shock, a shock was delivered, and almost immediately Sergeant Arki observed Mr. Coleman's color return, and begin breathing on his own.

Braintree Fire and Brewster Ambulance arrived on scene a short time later. When Mr. Coleman was placed into the ambulance he was fully conscious and alert. The Braintree Fire and Brewster Ambulance personnel on scene told Sergeant Arki if it wasn't for the actions of Officers Dominguez and Gibbons, Mr. Coleman's chances of survival would have been severely diminished.

In the opinion of this department, Officers Gibbons and Dominguez saved Mr. Coleman's life and are hereby awarded the Braintree Police Department's Lifesaving Medal.

Officers Dominguez and Gibbons are commended for their attention to duty, quick actions, and their skill placed them in a position to bring this incident to a successful conclusion.

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