Flood Hazard Mitigation

Jefferson Street During March 2010 Flood

Jefferson Street During March 2010 Flood

Flooding can happen anywhere, but certain areas are especially prone to serious flooding. To help communities understand their risk, flood maps (Flood Insurance Rate Maps or FIRMs) have been created to show the location of high-risk, moderate-to-low risk, and undetermined-risk areas. High-risk areas (also known as Special Flood Hazard Areas or SFHA) have a 1% annual chance of flooding. These areas are shown on the flood maps as zones labeled with letters A, AE, or V. To view the Flood Insurance Rate Maps, stop by the Braintree Engineering Department office or try the links below

Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps  - expected Effective Date December, 2021


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Panel 207                           Panel 227

Panel 208                           Panel 228

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Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Braintree

If you are not able to view the maps you may visit the Braintree Engineering Department at 85 Quincy Avenue or the Planning Department at 1 John F. Kennedy Memorial Drive to view the maps in person. You can also call 781-794-8233 to speak with someone who can provide information from the maps.


Hazard Mitigation Plan

2021 Update on Implementation of Hazard Mitigation Plan

Monatiquot River Watershed Plan

The final plan (PDF) developed by the graduate students from the University of Massachusetts Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning program.