Watson Park Shoreline Stabilization Project

The Planning & Community Development Department and Public Works Department have been working to address the erosion and flooding at Watson Park.

The eroding bank at the end of the seawall threatens the future use of the park as the land is undermined.  Current regulations prevent any additional armoring of the bank with rip rap or seawalls.

Watson Park park flooded twice in 2018.   The impacts of climate change, including sea level rise and the increased frequency of severe storms are expected to contribute to more regular flooding of the park in the coming decades. A long-term solution is needed. flooding

The Planning & Community Development Department has received funding from MA Coastal Zone Management (CZM) to develop a plan to address the problems.  The plan developed by our engineering consultants, Woods Hole Group, includes restoring the eroding bank, restoring salt marsh between the river and the bank, and constructing an elevated earthern berm to protect the park from future flooding for the next few decades. The existing stone dust walking path will be relocated to top of the earthern berm.  

The project plans are available here: Watson Park Shoreline Stabilization and Coastal Resilience Plans

Construction is beginning in March, 2022 and is expected to be complete in June, 2022. 

Questions or comments may be directed to:

Kelly Phelan, Conservation Planner, at kphelan@braintreema.gov or 781 794-8233.