Drop-off Center Services - Trash - CURRENTLY CLOSED

Trash: (Sticker Required)

A Resident Trash Sticker is required to utilize this area.

One visit per day and must be a Braintree resident with current trash sticker affixed to vehicle registered in the Town of Braintree. This service is intended for the occasional extra trash a resident might have when they do not wish to wait until their next curbside pickup.

Sticker cost is included in the trash fee paid by residents with curbside collection and can be obtained at the Collector’s Office/Town Hall (781-794-8130) Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Acceptable Items

  • 2 bulk items (furniture and appliances)
  • 2 to 3 barrels/bags/boxes of trash
  • 3 (tied) bundles of wood or carpet (in 3 foot lengths)

Excess Trash - One-Load Permit: (Sticker Required)

1.  Available only to Braintree residents who have paid the annual trash fee.
2.  Available only to Braintree residents who have a current trash sticker affixed to a vehicle registered in the Town of Braintree.
3.    This “One-Load Permit” is NON-transferable and is NOT available to Commercial Businesses, Condominiums  or Apartment Buildings.
4.    This “One-Load Permit” is only valid at the Braintree Residential Drop-Off Center.
5.    Only One Visit Per Day with up to 500 lbs. is allowed.
6.    Multiple permits can be purchased and there is no expiration date.
7.    This “One-Load Permit” cannot be used at the Covanta Transfer Facility.
8.    Purchase at the Collector’s Office at the Town Hall at a cost of $25. (781-794-8130)

Excessive trash that is generated by cleanouts due to moving, periodic 'house cleanings' by residents not participating in the curbside program must be disposed of by renting a dumpster or can be taken to:
Covanta Transfer Facility - (781-843-6209) Mon-Sat 7am-3pm
Special pricing for all Braintree residents including Condo owners. (Payment by credit card only and proof of residency required) Up to 500 lbs.- $50 minimum Over 500 lbs.- 10cents per pound

Construction and demolition material not accepted per DEP regulations.