Phase I, II & III

Phase I

(Town Council Order 11-029B)

Phase I included flashing and restoration of the original slate roof to prevent further water damage to the structure, repointing two existing chimneys and brick exterior walls, and replacing existing copper gutters. It became necessary during construction to perform additional structural restoration to the roof to address the aging of the structure. In June 2011 the Town received a matching allocation of $45,000 from Round 17 of the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund to assist in restoration efforts.

Phase II - Work in Progress

(Town Council Order 12-029)

Phase II is to include exterior finish carpentry, window restoration and installation of replicas of the original custom stile and rail front doors.

Phase III - Design Services

(Town Council Order 14-044)

Funding has been appropriated to engage the services of an architect to design and draw up plans for acceptance by the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) for construction of Phase III to add a small addition to the rear of the building to guarantee universal access. Said architect will also help prepare an application for the MHC Preservation Fund Program January grant round.

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