Trash Information

Curbside Collection Services - Trash Information

Residents receiving curbside services who have the occasional extra bags of household trash may utilize the Recycling Center at 257 Ivory St.  All trash must be contained within a plastic bag & securely tied.  A Town-issued sticker from the Treasurer's Office (781-794-8134) is required & must be affixed to your windshield.  Up to 3 bags of trash may be dropped off daily.  Recycling Center Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 7:15am - 2:45pm.

A $25 One-Load Permit to dispose of excess trash* beyond the three bag allowance MAY BE PURCHASED AHEAD OF TIME AT THE TREASURER'S OFFICE/Town Hall/781-794-8134.  *Excess trash consists of items such as fencing, wood, carpet, furniture, mattresses & all other items not fully bagged & tied.  We cannot accept bricks, stone or concrete blocks.  Each permit allows for up to 500 pounds of material, and the permit can only be used once.  However, you may purchase multiple permits.      

Weekly Curbside Pickup

  • Missed pickups - call Sunrise Scavenger directly at 617-361-8000.
  • Please have carts curbside prior to 7 a.m.
  • Carts should be 2 - 3 feet apart (also same distance from furniture) and in a place with at least 12 feet overhead clearance with handles facing house.  (50 lb weight limit)
  • Only the Town issued carts can be used.
  • Trash must be in cart with lid closed (except for 2 bulky/large items detailed below.
  • 2 bulky/large items are allowed per week (no need to call except for appliances  617-361-8000). 
  • Bulk items are picked up by a separate truck - not collected with your carts                        
    • This only includes:
  1. Furniture (mattress and box spring are considered one piece).
  2. Up to 3 bundles of Carpet/Wood (no tree branches) must be cut in 3'-4' lengths and tied.  50 pound limit per bundle.
  3. Appliances - *Please note: Appliances - must call to arrange for pickup of Appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, microwaves, lawn mowers (empty gas tanks), grills (without tanks), water heaters, air conditioners, etc.) Call Sunrise Scavenger at 617-361-8000 to schedule a pickup. If calling after office hours, leave your address, inclusive of “Braintree” and what item(s) you are putting out for pickup.

Televisions - Are Not Collected & Not Accepted at Residential Drop-Off Center

TV’s and computer monitors are not collected curbside and are not accepted at the drop-off center. TV’s are considered Hazardous Waste.  There are many places to dispose of TV’s such as Best Buy, Clean Harbors, Willards Disposal Service, McConnell Enterprises, and at advertised, semi-annual collections by the Rotary Club of Braintree.  

PER MA DEP regulations, CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION materials CAN NOT BE PLACED CURBSIDE. Click here for construction disposal information:
Construction and Demolition Materials